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December is my favorite month, no doubt about that. Growing up, December portrayed the month for family gatherings. The decorations, long-distance family members coming home, and the noise. Yes, you read it right, the noise. Everybody in the family was busy preparing for Christmas. December was surrounded by festive decorations in red and green. I remembered the excitement of my parents coming home for Christmas, even though my parents come home very often. Fast forward, I moved and lived in Bangkok for 6 years. My Decembers were different than what I was used to. During those years, December became the month of anticipation. As soon as December 1 arrived, all I could do was wait for the day I can finally come home. Living in Thailand, December was an ordinary month. I'm uncertain whether it was the lack of December spirit or something else. 

A year ago, December changed. December became extra fun and exciting. I had my first December in Finland last year, and I enjoyed every day of it. Unlike my hometown or the house where I grew up, there was no particular noise at all. I live in a very quiet street, I had time to inhale the beauty and spirit of the month. We did several simple but exciting activities, and I learned a thing or two about easy baking. Experiencing new things in Finland, I took in new simple things to love in December and I can't wait to relive those again. 

  • Scandinavian Winter Decorations
  • Hot chocolate with marshmallows
  • Evening holiday movies
  • Classic holiday songs
  • Festive winter socks and house shoes
  • Winter-themed scented candles
  • Pine cones everywhere
  • Walking along the snowy forest
  • When the sun is bright and the snow sparkles 
  • Sledding down the small hill 
  • Baking Christmas Pastries
  • Waiting for the chance to ice skate
  • Winter Road Trip

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