at the north of finland

Jan 23, 2021

Continuing the north story, we spent about a week in Levi, Finland. Every morning we woke up when the daylight comes which is at 11:15 am. We did our normal routine - eat breakfast and drink coffee, then we prepared for winter activities. For most of it, I spent my afternoon learning my newfound love. A friend kindly lent me her snowboarding equipment to practice my boarding. It was difficult. I had to practice in the kid's area as I refused to go to the higher hill. To be honest, I have fears of height, speed, and falling. In my everyday life, I am pretty much as slow as the snails.

Learning to be on the snowboard means I have to face and conquer my fears. I have repeatedly said this a thousand times to myself and to those around me. Many times I refused to learn up to the hill because of my fears. Even though I fell several times, I assured myself that the falls were insignificant. The worst part of having these fears is, they abstain you from doing the things you enjoy the most. I hurt my body as many times as I could to comprehend and prepare myself for the worst part. 

On the third day, I experienced the foggiest winter. Our initial plan was to walk around nature, eat sausages, and see the view. We were met by a foggy and a cold location. My husband even mentioned that 'this is the real winter'. I honestly do not remember the name of the area, we did not stay long due to the fog - we barely saw each other. But I do remember the feeling of being there, it was like I reached the top of the mountain. I'm pretty sure it wasn't the very top of the mountain, then it would be even colder than that.

Eventually, we drove to SnowVillage. It is a village that houses ice and snow sculptors. Inside, you can find an ice bar and restaurant. The location of SnowVillage is about 35km from Levi. We walked around the village and amazingly, we were caught by surprise how beautiful and artistic the sculptors are. As we went farther in, we discovered rooms entirely made of ice, which means the bed and the decorations are also ice. Before we ended our tour, we found an ice cinema room where you sit on the ice chair and watch a video. How cool (cold) is that? To calm down before we headed to our next destination, we stopped by the restaurant. I had the privilege to enjoy the famous Finnish creamy salmon soup. 

The next location was near our cabin. We came there to see the reindeers. I've always wanted to see the reindeers but never got the chance even though I live in Finland now. I've heard many talks about them and moose and even during my driving lessons, I had to remember the particular times when reindeers or moose come out to the open. Meeting them was fun, I fed them with my own hands and that was interesting. I don't usually meet animals this close. I love them but sometimes I am terrified. This incident was proven some time ago during my first visit to Finland. I got too close to the sheep, by my own standard, and I started freaking out. Probably the same thing would have happened if there were no boundaries between me and the reindeers.

Saturday of our trip, I turned 25. Honestly, I don't feel confident. I thought turning 25 was a rewarding part of being a young adult. I should have figured everything in my life by now, and be where I want to be. Moving on, my day was calm and quiet. People around me know that I don't usually plan things, yes I don't. My day started late, we drove to the city center and I spent the afternoon with my husband. Visiting a coffee shop is my consistent hobby when I travel. With that being said, we started our birthday celebration by drinking coffee and talking. I spoke a good deal about my fears, my newfound love, and my life. My husband patiently listened to me despite my encouragement to his reply. After our coffee session, we walked to the pancake restaurant where we ate the biggest pancakes we've ever had. Funny, I thought I could finish the bunch but I only ate one-fourth of it. 

During my birthdays, I send my mother a "thank you" message for bringing me to this world. My mother and I didn't have the best relationship when I was growing up. It took me years, distance, and maturity to thank my mother for what she had done for us. Long story short, she (along with her husband) provided us with all the tools we needed to go through life. And it had become my tradition to thank her for it during my birthdays.

Happy January everyone!
Levi, Finland


  1. Looking through your photos of how foggy winter is in the North of Finland, I think I won't be able to survive the cold :)) I will freeze like a snowman for sure haha!

    Welcome to year 25! Sending you love and virtual hugs. I also think it is a milestone to reach this age, despite still being unsure about where I'm headed in life. But it matters that we acknowledge and speak about this uncertainty, and to face it, slowly but surely. Spending your birthday in a coffee shop together with your husband with heartfelt conversations and pancakes sounds really lovely. Thank you for sharing with us :) I hope your weekend is restful.

    Anna Jo |

  2. Oh my, it was lovely getting to read this as well as look through the photos! And happy 25 to you 🖤

    Chia |