to the north of Finland

Jan 12, 2021

Making the most of early January, with an inspiring trip to the north of Finland. My husband and I, including our two friends, had a long road trip to Levi. Expectedly, we arrived at a cozy cabin with a dreamy fireplace. Throughout our stay, all I could think about was sipping a hot chocolate by the fire.

The temperature dropped to -16 degrees when we got there. The trees, the road, and the cabins turned to the whitest I could ever imagine. The minute I stepped into the thick snow, my body was overtaken by joy and excitement. I have never witnessed the winter this heavy before. Last year, winter in our city was light, barely had snow or ice at all therefore, my ice skating shoes were untouched. 

Supposedly, our trip to the north was a birthday trip. I begged to see the north where I can meet the reindeers, experience northern beauty, feel the thick snow, and discover the winter sports everybody has been talking about. 

My body was equipped with three layers of clothing for the outdoors. Naturally, coming from a hot country, my body gets sick when exposed to the cold. Not this time I guess, because I was fully prepared. The relief I had when I was told that a pair of winter pants that could shelter me from the intense coldness actually exists. 

The very first morning in Levi was a bit hilarious. Because the daylight only lasts about 2 hours, I only had a small window to capture photographs. After I woke, I put on my winter clothes, took my camera, and went for a walk. Unfortunately, nobody told me that walking in cold cold places is tough for a four-eyed gal like me. 

The winter clothing includes a beanie and a mask to protect the face from the cold. I was oblivious about the winter mask and I honestly thought I only needed it for winter sports, so I walked around with my face, part of my hair, eyelashes, and nose frozen. I rushed back to the cabin to search for my husband's winter face mask, while doing so, I couldn't help but laugh at my ridiculous self.

After putting on my winter mask, I headed out for another try. I was eager to make it out of the village and to find my way to the city center. On my way, maybe a few meters to the main road, the fog took over my eyeglasses until it froze. I couldn't see anything. I removed and cleaned it several times, fixed my beanie and mask, nothing worked. With a funny smile on my face, I walked back to our cabin blindly. There were people on the road too and since I had to frown, with my eyes half-closed, maybe the passersby thought I was weird. To remove their suspicion, I greeted them hello as I headed towards the cozy cabin. 

Coldness brought me shivers and frozen hands, I stayed in the cabin for a few hours until the darkness arrived. One of the goals we had for this trip was to learn cross-country skiing. I tried the very first day in the wide-area at the back of our cabin. After many attempts and falls, I got the hang of it. I couldn't be at least good at it, I say I was decent. My every movement was wearing, I realized I lack body coordination. I slid one foot at a time, with my arms clinging to the poles, I twisted my legs until I laid down on the ground. What an amusing time to be alive and cold.

Our trip to the north was deliberately a moment of adventure. Because it was my first taste of heavy winter, I expected the least of activities. Despite, I rested in a winter wonderland with a light spark in my heart, finding a reason why living in Finland is an enriching change of lifestyle. On the first day, I already imagined myself driving with my husband and two dogs back to Lapland to enjoy the northern winter (and maybe do some winter sports). 

Levi, Finland.


  1. This is an absolute dreamy winter wonderland!! Though I don't know if I would be able to survive.. since y'know, I've lived in our tropical country ever since I was born :)) but it is sooo great that you were able to go on this trip. I loved the way you described your surroundings and about how you felt with your first heavy winter; it all feels like a memorable experience. <3 Thank you for sharing with us and stay safe always.

    Anna Jo |

  2. These photos are so so lovely! Thank you for sharing x

    Chia |

  3. What a beautiful and dreamy place! Thank you so much for sharing with us :)