a note of finding my photography

Feb 7, 2021

Many years ago, on a Christmas trip to Thailand, an idea came to my head of documenting our family holiday. The memory of my first camera faded away but the experience lingers forever. I received a digital camera from my parents, and never did it leave my hands ever since. Many years ago, photography was clicking the camera button of everything that surrounded me. The future of it with me was blurry. 

Another experience I had with photography was on our summer vacation to China. My aunt lent me her professional camera, and I was clueless. Naturally, the manual setting was the next page of a photography book to me. I only focused on the ISO, which led to unstable and blurry results. It was not a hindrance to my learning as I had more time with auto setting which helped me with shooting perspective instead. During the trip, I ended up capturing photos of my surroundings and the people around me. A new feeling of infatuation towards photography emerged. 

To my years in Thailand, the infatuation expanded, and could only be satisfied once I viewed many Tumblr photography blogs. Living in Thailand, traveling around Asia was my entertainment. Because of this, few of my hobbies were born. The realization came upon me when I borrowed my aunt’s camera during my very first-holiday travel with my now-husband. The moment I saw how my photos came out, I knew I needed a decent camera to begin my photography journey. We listed many travel locations on our minds, and then I purchased an entry-level dslr camera within the budget. I played around with it. I practiced portrait photography with my husband and friends. I started a personal photography blog to document and share my adventures. At the beginning of my photography adventure, although I had less knowledge, I did better than the first time I held a camera. However, I knew I had to work on my editing and my photography style as everything was all over the place.

the beginning of photography

the result of my very first attempt at photography.

the result of my first attempt at portrait photography. 
I'm still in love with this by the way.

I can't even get the colors right. I have just learned the manual settings,
like the rest of my photos above, but still. This was from my old blog post. 

From our travels in Macau and Hongkong.  Do you feel my embarrassment? 
I don't have the rest of my attempts during our travels though, and I'm not sure why. 
I must have lost them when I moved everything to my external hard drive.

I think this was from our second trip to Finland. 
Don't say anything. I can see my editing was off and all over the place. 
This was what I'm talking about.

I actually love this portrait.
 The rest of the portraits of her were amazing so I'm not gonna include them here.

'How did my photography improve all these years?'

For nature photography, I'm beginning to understand the framing. 
This area of photography was a challenge to me when I just began taking photos of nature.

I'm not sure if you like this photo but this is one of my favorite photographs. 
I took it in the month of my arrival in Finland. 
The reason why is because it shows the 'hierarchy' during our family walks. 
The framing is simple, I centered everyone just as I saw them.

When I capture a subject, 
I make sure it tells a story or perspective instead of just placing the subject within the frame.

My editing varies on the colors of my surroundings (and the seasons), 
so it won't look like it was overdone or having colors that are not there.

My favorite portrait. It may look simple but the result was surprising 
as I didn't know I am able to do or capture a photo like this.

Honestly, I have no clear view of my improvement. The question is always "am I better now or am I staying the same". Although this may be the case, I realized that I am on my way to finding my photography style. I know exactly what I like in a photo, what I want to show, and the target perspective. I like simple photography. I love when the colors pop yet it looks natural. There are many things I need to work on to reach my photography goal, for instance, my editing and consistency. I have been told by a photographer that I need to find my own niche. When I think about it, there are several ideas on my mind but I can't pinpoint the right one. The very common thing between those ideas is visual storytelling. I want to write a story and visually tell it. I'm not sure yet whether it will be landscape, portrait, or lifestyle photography, but just like every photographer, I need to find my own story, and this blog will help me tell it. 


  1. I think you're great with photography, I especially liked the portrait photos. Keep up the good work! ��

  2. these are all so good! your early photography snaps are muuuuch better than mine. i cringe when i look back at some of the photos i thought were "good." SMH.

    Xx http://theactivespirit.com/

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