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the month of april

April begins with a beautiful spring - the sun is out and the weather is drier. I had a glimpse of summer during the first weeks of April. We had a two-week työharjoittelu encouraged by our school. My teacher recommended remote work training with kotoa kotiin project. It's a project wherein women help women in terms of starting their lives in Finland. I spent two weeks practicing my Finnish language skills during the internship. Despite being less confident with my speaking, I can't really dismiss the fact that I understand basic Finnish well now. The final tests are coming and I'm nervous about it since it evaluates the language skills that will lead us to the next language level.

My weekends are burnt out, I don't really have time to explore the sunshine. I miss playing dress-up and drinking coffee at the shop. I take every opportunity I have to just go out. Now that the restaurants are open, and the coffee shops are brewing, I would love to have the time for it. Nevertheless, the best thing I've ever managed to do in April is to relearn driving again. I'm not confident enough to say I'm doing well on the road, the first few drives resulted in a handful of mistakes but I will get there someday.

In April, I guess I only had two days when I even had the time to dress up and fix myself. It has been a quite busy month but I managed to set my priorities (except for house chores). The only items to check on the list are 1. cleaning my home and 2. surviving my language test. 


  1. Gorgeous photos ^_^ I hope you do well on your language test!


  2. Hi Ate!!! You're still cute <3

    are you living in Finland for good?



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