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the day was easter sunday

We had a small Easter Sunday celebration this month. Because of winter, I guess the last time we grilled was last summer. I honestly missed grilled food and one of the major reasons why I'm looking forward to drier days. The day before, I worked long hours and had finished everything late at night. My body was in pain and barely had the energy left to drive home. Of course, I planned a Sunday of grilled meat and drinks, but I couldn't help my husband prepare because I was still catching my breath. Regardless, I was deeply surprised by how everything turned out - simple but intimate, exactly what I needed after a long tiring night. The day before that, we also received easter eggs and treats (for the dogs) right in front of our door which left me with excitement before I went to work, I guess that's the tradition in Finland during Easter. Next year though, I hope I'll be able to do more, such as simple decorations or even painted (or not) easter eggs.