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small drops of early summer

From our small class walking trip near the school.

After a very long time, I drove to see my friends. We had a picnic together and it was nice to be with them even if I had to leave early (I always do).

I wanted to go see the lake after our late lunch at Herrasmanni. 

the warm air has been a constant presence these days.

How are you? I've been trying to figure out how to rest my body after days of constant pain. I've been also trying to figure out what I can do during summer. I think I would like to travel to another city to enjoy the sunlight and maybe eat the foods we don't have here in our city, for example, Korean foods. One thing for sure, I will drink lots of mango smoothies like I did back in Thailand now that I learned how to do it. I know I know, it's easy, why I didn't try to blend one before? I don't really know, I was in the mood last summer but I guess it slipped out of my mind. 


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