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the month of july

Time flies real fast when you spend your days recovering and nights moving. I can't believe that soon summer will be another memory for the rest of the year, and I have to go back to stressing about the language I'm learning. I remember last summer my days were filled with mini-adventures - walking in the forest, taking my dog to swim in the lake, riding our scooters around the city center and harbor, spending time in our backyard, ending the night praying for shooting stars, things like that. Now, we are both exhausted to even do something more than grilling. I can't really find time between my schedule because my husband works during the weekdays and I work evening shifts, most of the time on the weekends. 

He had a holiday that lasted a week though, I, of course, took an advantage of it so we drove to another city and spent a night there. It was enough to satisfy my summer cravings. I like to explore the city at the same time relax in a summer cabin when the days are hot. We didn't bring our dogs on that trip because it would cause me less freedom to do something. After the trip, I had to go back to work, wishing I was under the sun instead of waiting for the night. 

I had days to spend on my own and chose to spend them with a friend. I invited my friend over to visit, well, the beach and soaked up the sun. The day won't be as much as summer feels like without the grilling. We grilled hot dogs and sausages in our backyard and ended the day by having nice conversations. I mean, isn't that relaxing? The next morning, it was my turn to visit their place and we decided to swim again. When I came to Finland, I swore I wouldn't even try to swim in the lake. Unlike where I came from, the water temperature is perfect for the weather, but sometimes in Finland, the water is cold and when you get out of it, the weather blows cool air. I'm not much for it, and please don't ask me why I moved to a very cold country. 

Finland is beautiful when you know where to look. Sometimes, you get bored, all you can do is work harder than you wanted, but most of the time, you will appreciate the quietness, nature, and the quality things you can do in this country. I think this thought helps me the most when I'm doing something different than I ought to do, just like my summer. 


  1. Sounds like a lovely summer, surrounded by lots of nature <3 it does seem like you've tried your best to make the most out of summer. I wish you good luck in language learning!

    Anna Jo | www.helloannajo.com

    1. Thank you. I'm trying my best but seems like summer is going soon :D but it's okay, autumn is beautiful, it's my favorite :)


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