orange leaves falling down

Oct 3, 2021

I am well-rested. The ideas are flowing through my veins and the motivation to stay standing begins again. I've been missing the feeling I lost since I overfilled my hours. I'm not entirely sure whether this is what I should be feeling. Regardless, I am happy to have found myself again. 

Autumn covers my body this month. The cold is an old friend I wish to escape sometimes. I mean, it's a beautiful season with orange leaves falling down to the ground, beautiful scenery that relaxes me, night comes earlier than months ago and the darkness gives me shivers. Am I alright? Hm, these few months I don't usually spend my daylight outside because I'm too busy recovering from long nights but it seems like I will be having more free time now that I plan to take a break from work for maybe a month or so. Before I begin to prepare myself for the winter, I would like to have three main things off my checklist during autumn. 

thrift for autumn outfits

Looking for more sweaters or cardigans to wear because the coldness of Finland seems to linger for almost the whole year. Soon enough the snow will fall and it's never a bad idea to fill my closet with sweaters even though my closet has no space right now. Shopping in second-hand shops is enjoyable, at least for me, I can always find good quality clothes in my style and size. Last August, I bought a couple of clothes from a local thrift shop in my city. I fell in love with the idea and the clothing I bought at prices I never thought of. I made up my mind to buy what I need from second-hand shops. Regardless of the clothes I wear, I end up wearing a jacket all the time. If I could wear a skirt and leggings I would, but Finland's autumn temperature goes down to 3 degrees. Nevertheless, I would still prefer to wear something cozy and adorable inside the jacket. 

8 Key Items That Are Base of My Fall Wardrobe by Wit & Delights

have a cozy night 

With all the stress from work or studies, it is always given to spend a night for yourself to relax and enjoy your own company (or with your partner). I kinda have this idea in my mind to spare one night for a coziness. I'll dress up cozy, light up fall-scented candles, watch a movie, eat popcorn, hot drink, and be covered in pillows and blankets. It sounds simple (or any other nights I've spent) though honestly, this is a much-needed break for everyone, regardless of the situation. Maybe a cozy night is a good celebration to welcome the beautiful fall season. 

5 Things You Need for a Cozy Night In by The Everygirl.

long autumn walk

As simple as it sounds, I need a long walk with my dogs. Last year, I used to walk my dogs longer than we walk now. We explored the nearby forests and usually out for about an hour or so. Lately, we have only been walking only around our area. This year, I barely have saved energy to walk long distances for pleasure.  My dogs used to be adventurous. However, I'm planning to change all of that now soon I will have my weekends back. I want to walk them in a nearby autumn-scene forest, enjoy the outdoor and the cold weather. We wear cozy outfits, and jackets for the dogs. After the walk, we relax by going to our sauna and good food for the dogs. Isn't that a relaxing way to show appreciation for the beauty of autumn?

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