one day at a time

Dec 13, 2021

I've been taking one day at a time to inhale the things I have to deal with.  If I tell you those, I know for sure you'll say "it's not that hard" but honestly when it comes to everything in my mind right now, I end up speechless. I am in no position to worry about the long lists of possibilities as I'm getting much-appreciated support from important people in my life. It is also, by all means, extended through friends. 

Mentally, I've also been aching to find something new to try as a hobby. Although it comes laughing back at me because I'm not really a creative person, finding an outlet besides writing and photography will be a challenging journey. I guess I have all of December to figure out a new thing to do for the incoming year. I hate entering a new cycle, really. I always get stuck at the very first question. At school, it took me about two hours to answer the question "What job do I want in the future?". Maybe not aiming high enough this time dried my brain. 

I really do like writing though. I miss my blog so much. Being in the real world, I tend to forget to rest and do something creative, well at least my definition of it. I get mentally exhausted when I come home and just lay down for the rest of the night. 

December is so far simply an exciting month for me. Since I moved to Finland, my December is a winter wonderland. This year, winter started pretty early. The temperature lowered pretty much at the end of November and during the second week of December, it went as low as -20 degrees. Unexpectedly, it is good weather to begin the winter activities. I have to find activities suitable for my current health condition. Maybe I'll begin with as simple as winter house cleaning and putting up the Christmas tree. 

It's time for me to set up my December checklist that I have been procrastinating about since the beginning of the month. I honestly only have one more week to clean my house for winter as my parents are coming the next weekend and I don't want them to arrive in a messy home. I also have not begun my Christmas shopping (i don't have a list either). Ah, so much to do yet I have been enjoying my winter holidays relaxing at home. December is a bit hectic huh, well good luck to us. 

How's your December so far?

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