the first days of january

Jan 9, 2022

The smell of January creeps in which constantly reminds me that I'll be turning a year older. I used to dismiss the natural phase of growing but these days it's all I could think about. I convince myself to finally make big changes in my life since I'll be older than I was, yet I'm still in denial. I guess I've learned to let things grow naturally in their own time.  Three years ago, I would have not been willing to fix my own problems, run my personal errands, or at least show a small amount of independence. Instead, I would have locked myself in the bedroom and waited for someone to sort things out with me. Of all the things I needed to learn, independence is my top priority.

During the holiday season (2021), my parents came to visit from Hongkong. They celebrated Christmas and New Year in Finland for the first time. I believe it was quite a different experience than what they were used to. The holidays in the Philippines are usually noisy and jolly. Here in Finland, we appreciate the quietness of the holidays when we are able to sit with our family or friends and have proper conversations. Finland also had a White Christmas which my mother witnessed. I honestly prefer Christmas filled with snow and cold as it lifts my holiday spirit up. 

The firework shows my husband pulls is the best thing I look forward to every New Year's Eve. We gather around the backyard and on an ice rink at the night to watch his firework shows and they are always mesmerizing. 

The day after the New Year, my husband planned a short trip to indulge in a holiday spa. We spent two nights in Holiday Club Saimaa where we enjoyed the indoor swimming pool, sauna world, and good food. I was able to relax physically and mentally during the trip. I honestly needed a longer vacation from all the things I had to do last year. But since my class started, I could only inhale a three-day vacation. Worry not because, before the end of the first week, my husband and I had one day free from school and work. He took me and my parents to a winter picnic. We grilled and ate sausages, and my mother enjoyed the winter weather in a frozen lake for the first time. I guess it was a really nice send-off because the next day, they flew to France and my husband traveled to Lapland. For a week, I'll be on my own, I'll take this opportunity to relax and unwind from all the stress I collected last 2021 and welcome 2022 worry-free. 

Happy Birthday to me! 

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