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Mar 1, 2022

There have been changes in my life that force me to look upon myself and evaluate my present and my future. For the past years, I've been in a constant battle between chasing butterflies and facing reality. I honestly would have preferred to bring clarity in my mind than battling possibilities. Today, I'm choosing peace and this will bring clarity to my life as I venture through my new journey.

I believe that clarity takes effort, focus, and consistency. At least I know this much. The idea of long-due self-care came into my mind as I breathe one moment at a time. These days, sometimes I'm on the verge of crying just because, but I don't let this come between what I deserve, what is coming, and my happiness. In my mind, I have a shortlist of simple self-care which I desire to practice in my daily life. After reading blogs and evaluating my lifestyle, I came up with three simple ideas for self-care that you might enjoy.


The best way to begin self-care is to find a routine - an everyday routine, a cleaning routine, or your weekend routine. Something I've been missing all along, well besides going to school every day and taking my nap. There are many benefits to developing a routine including reduction of stress level as well as to better your health. With that being said, finding your routine isn't as easy as it sounds, you will need consistency and commitment with the mix of inspiration. Naturally, for me to find my routine is to evaluate the things I do every day. I also watch videos of lifestyle YouTubers or tiktokers to find inspiration. If you don't have a routine just yet, I think it is better to start with something small so you won't be overwhelmed. For example, I'll start with a weekend routine which may involve cleaning my house and spending time outside until I develop a meaningful routine. Maybe I'll aim for something simpler as long as the goal is to find a routine and practice consistency.

  • Clean the house twice a week 
  • Deep clean the house once a week
  • Take care of skin and hair
  • Do yoga
  • Wake up and sleep early
  • Schedule time for walking the dog or taking them to dog park


This category is a huge umbrella. There are many ways to mind your physical health such as exercising. It goes without saying that a healthy body develops a healthier mind. To those who are not physically active (just like me), I suggest as well to start simple. I begin with drinking the daily recommended water intake and make sure I get my 60 minutes of walking exercise every day. These are obvious ways to take care of your physical health but I made a little adjustment based on my lifestyle. When I am not able to walk as much as I should, I would instead do some extra cleaning in the house so my body could move to reach at least close to the target. Another adjustment I made is adding an eye cream to the list of face care and longer warm showers when I don't feel happy with myself. I want to take care of my face and skin better than I did before. I also will prioritize taking naps if my body is tired. I'll unwind by watching a movie or tv-series or playing games. In other words, I'll keep the balance between moving the body and resting everyday. 

  • Drink daily recommended water intake
  • Walk at least 30 minutes a day (or more)
  • Spend at least 30 minutes outside enjoying the weather
  • Sleep in on weekend (preferably Sunday)
  • Do breathing exercises everyday


Ah, my biggest goal this year is to find my creativity. Years ago, whenever I get stuck at home, I found ways to be creative. I used to take photos and edit them, write a blog post, learn graphic design and photoshop, and sometimes learn to tweak blog templates. Creativity is one of the ways to keep your mental health in check. To do something creative relaxes your mind, expresses yourself, and develops your skills. I aim to find my creativity, enhance whatever creative skills I have left, and maybe try to find something new.

  • Read a book or read more
  • Take a photo of something (or someone) everyday
  • Be inspired
  • Find a project 
  • Try adult coloring
  • Learn a foreign language (or continue)
  • Write and blog

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