things to do in march

Mar 15, 2022

Hello there March. I can't believe we are closer to spring now. I'm counting the days when I can finally enjoy the sun and semi-warm weather outside. With spring coming up fast, my to-do list is expanding from spring cleaning to redecorating our home. The month of march started a little bit harsh in our household. We caught the covid virus and fortunately our symptoms were only marked mild. After long days of resting and healing, we recovered well enough together and we are back on our feet.

While we were on our backs resting, I began the list of things I should do in spring. Since we are entering a fresh new start, we would like to purge our home of old clothes and stuff that we basically don't use anymore. My husband began his cleaning just after he recovered from the virus. I'm still taking my time though as usual. Another important note this month is my starting a new internship in an elderly home. It will be a new experience for me and mainly I would need to speak the Finnish language all the time. I'm also considering a change of career goals influenced by the environment, therefore, I will take this internship opportunity to see whether I'll be able to handle working in the care industry.

a to-do list

+ buy storage boxes and bags

+ free up old clothes, bags, and shoes. 

+ free lots of space in the house and throw unnecessary things

+ do my best in the internship

+ create a vision board and plan room decoration

+ create a photo album

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