home changes

Apr 1, 2022

As the new chapter of our lives is getting closer, we have been preparing our home for the changes. We got rid of the unnecessary things we have at home and planned designs for the three rooms. To be honest, my husband and his parents did all the work as I was not very helpful and skillful when it comes to renovations. The only thing I did was probably choose the new wall color and agreed to everything my husband suggested. 

The wall colors were kept simple. In our room, we decided to get something closer to gray on the three corners of the room. However, for the middle wall where our bed is leaned against, my husband suggested white patterned panels which were installed by his parents and turned out a beautiful addition to the wall decorations. We are keeping our room as minimal as possible. Basically, it means less furniture and more space. In this way, we are able to relax more and breathe better. My husband and I share the same thoughts when it comes to our home. We like to have space and clarity and I honestly think I'm resting better mentality after the renovation of our bedroom. Although we only finished one of the two rooms, I'm looking forward to the result of the next room.

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