our little goose baby gym

Jun 1, 2022

I'm slowly unpacking the things I needed to put in our second room. What I was so excited to unpack is the Little Dutch baby gym that will be the center of the room. The original plan was to buy a playmat the animal theme kind but my husband's grandmother gifted us with this beautiful white rug made from real sheepskin. After browsing Pinterest for ideas, I decided to buy a baby gym instead which can also be used for baby entertainment when we are changing the baby's diaper. Anyhow, I am still planning to get an animal theme playmat for the living room for when we spend our time there. 

The nursery room will be one of our home projects for the rest of the year (or longer). Normally the nursery or baby room should be ready just before the baby comes however we decided the baby won't be needing his own room anytime soon therefore we decided to build up the room slowly until it's ready when he is. Of course, he will be spending time in the nursery as it has all the baby furniture, toys and clothing but right now I and the baby will be sharing the nursery/workspace room. 

the baby gym:

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