Jun 11, 2022

We are expecting a baby! I am excited to be almost at the end of my third trimester (week 39). I chose to keep my pregnancy among close friends and family because honestly, it's intimate and big news. There were worries during the pregnancy of course, but  I had a sigh of relief when my pregnancy is progressing normally and now we are so proud of our little one for holding up this long.

Despite the physical changes happening to my body, I'm really happy that my pregnancy was not as hard as I imagined it would be - I meant my cravings were minimum, my emotions were stable, and I was able to move as much as I could. I was sick a total of 3 times including Covid. Those were hard and challenging weeks but my husband took care of us very well and we recovered fine. My husband was busy preparing the house for the baby while I was resting and nesting. Luckily, we got everything we needed for the baby just in time. We packed our baby's hospital bag while mine is still in progress. My appetite certainly increased during my 9th month and my baby's movements are getting stronger and stronger.   

We are supported by many friends and family. My parents-in-law helped us renovate the house and even took care of baby things while our friends gave us clothes, toys, and necessities we can use for the baby. My friends also held a surprise baby shower which I enjoyed so happily. We talked about pregnancy, birth experiences, etc. It was nice to be with them and to experience a baby shower. I thank my lovely friends for arranging it.

..and now we are just waiting for the baby to come. 

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